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About Us

Hello and welcome from us, Nicola and Chrissy, the volunteers at FOG. We are both in recovery from eating disorders meaning that when you work with us you won’t be be speaking to people who have learnt from a text book, but people have lived it and who “get it”. We believe this authenticity, and the all important “me too” element it brings, helps people who may be struggling with an eating disorder, and those around them, to open up and find solutions.

We are here to help

Between us we have experienced restrictive eating, binge eating, the binge/purge cycle, exercise addiction, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts, as symptoms of our illnesses. We don’t place value on labels such anorexia or bulimia, and work with anyone in need, regardless of their diagnosis, or if they even have one. We believe that eating disorders are not truly about food, weight, or behaviours; they are about feelings, and the avoidance of them, and about control, or lack thereof.