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Information & Support

Thank you for visiting Field of Grace and for seeking information and support around eating disorders. Whether you are have struggled with an eating disorder for many years, have just begun questioning your relationship with food, or are concerned about a friend or family member, we can help you.

To learn more about eating disorders why not attend one of our eating disorder awareness workshops? These are regularly run online and provide a non-judgemental, safe and open space to learn about eating disorders. Even more importantly every workshop offers time for you to ask questions to people who have experienced it first hand. We offer workshops tailored to young people, parents, professionals and more. Visit for more information and bookings.

To access 1-1 mentoring, peer support groups and more visit our ‘support for sufferers/friends and family’ pages to see what we offer. If you are interested reach out to us via email, phone, text or social media and we will organise a welcome call with you – this gives you a chance to ask one of us any questions and for us to tell you more about how we might be able to help you.

Both Nicola and Chrissy, the FOG volunteers, are in recovery from eating disorders, meaning that when you work with us you won’t be be speaking to people who have learnt from a text book, but people have lived it and who “get it”. We believe this authenticity, and the all important “me too” element it brings, is what makes our services unique. We are truly passionate about helping in whatever ways we can – reach out today!